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Peter Zhu


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A Bit More About Peter..

Peter Zhu,

Barrister (Hong Kong 2021 & PRC 2020)

Peter Zhu has received education and obtained qualification from both Hong Kong and Mainland PRC. As a practising barrister based in Hong Kong, Peter accepts instructions in a broad range of civil, commercial, family and criminal works, with particular focus on cross-border litigation and arbitrations involving PRC elements.


Peter is developing his four areas of practices: arbitration and construction, family and matrimonial disputes, general civil and commercial disputes including the interim relief and enforcement of foreign judgements, and securities and commercial crime. Peter has substantial legal knowledge and work experience in the PRC; he can efficiently communicate with PRC lawyers and lay clients and provide practical solutions with sensible empathy towards legal and commercial realities.

Peter regularly publishes articles in both English and Chinese. 

Download below his list of articles with links to the articles themselves.

All Financial Issues.

​ Children: Adoption, Child Abduction, Child Custody, Surrogacy, Wardship.

​Domestic Violence and Child Protection.

​​ Cross-Border, including PRC and Public Law elements.


Family at a Beach
Modern Architecture

Asset Tracing & Recovery, Civil Fraud, Company Disputes, Contract Disputes, Employment, International Sale of Goods, Property Disputes, Securities, Torts.


Commercial, Discrimination & Harassment, Employment, Family & Matrimonial, Landlord & Tenant, Personal Injuries & Tort.


Advocate in Arbitrations.

Advocate in Mediations. 


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Red Doors

Cross-Border Family Law.

Enforcement of Arbitral Awards.

Cross-Border Civil & Commercial matters.

PRC Related Disputes in Hong Kong.


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