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Barristers at Resolution Chambers are involved in resolving disputes in Hong Kong, regionally and internationally.

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Julian Cohen, Azan Marwah, Shaphan Marwah, Peter Zhu, Aria Cheung and Andrew Lynn all 

have dispute resolution practices in Hong Kong.

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Julian Cohen has worked in Beijing & Shanghai. He assists PRC outbound contractors with disputes around the world.

Andrew Lynn has also spent time in Beijing and is able to work in Putonghua and has experience dealing with contractual and other documents in simplified characters. 

Peter Zhu is dual qualified in Hong Kong and the PRC. He specialises in cross-border matters. 

Aria Cheung is tri-lingual and able to work in English, Cantonese & Mandarin and with both traditional and simplified characters. 


Azan Marwah & Shaphan Marwah are experienced in assisting PRC parties with Hong Kong disputes.  

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Julian Cohen has a  substantial international arbitration and international construction, engineering and energy disputes practice. He is dual qualified in England and Hong Kong.

He has been involved with disputes across Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Hong Kong, the Middle East.

Andrew Lynn practises both at the Hong Kong and the English Bars. Many of his matters have international or cross-border elements. 

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